Design a Float for the 2021 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant!

The National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is proud to announce the 2021 Float Design competition in partnership with the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival.

The competition is open to all South Australian artists in design, drawing, painting or sculpting. The winning float design will be brought to life to appear in the 2021 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant.

Although the competition is open to all artists in South Australia, Pageant Event Director Brian Gilbertson said that aligning with an independent arts organisation like SALA will directly connect the artistry of the Pageant with a well-known and respected platform for artists and creatives.

“The challenge of designing the float and the characters that bring it to life requires the same process as designing for a stage production. The additional challenge is to produce that design for a moving stage in a street setting,” says Mr Gilbertson.

This is a rare opportunity for an artist to immerse themselves in the creativity of the Pageant. Their delivery of the brief will need to take into account both the design and its integration into the Pageant as a whole where it will be part of approximately 170 theatrical moving sets.

This is an opportunity to be a part of a commercial project with a broad range of touch-points, from designing a float to be towed or self-motorised, including riding positions (characters on stage children or adults) and what those characters will be, either on or surrounding the float.

Entries open 7 October 2020 and closes on 30 November 2020. The winners will be announced in December 2020.

Each entry will be viewed by a panel of judges appointed by the Pageant’s creative director.

Judging Criteria

1. Entrants must submit:

a. A minimum of one (1) full-colour, hand-drawn or digital drawing of the Float Design (“the Design”) in its entirety.
i. If submitted by post: No more than A2 size.
ii. If submitted digitally: A file no more than 10 megabytes in a .pdf or .jpg format.

b. A minimum 200-world summary about the Design, including:
i. Its background and how the Design is appropriate to the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant.
ii. Details of any accompanying music or audio
iii. Details and/or images of float characters associated with the Design.
iv. A biographical summary of the entrant’s previous work.

2. Clarity of Design
The Design must conceptualise a float for the 2021 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant that:

a. Is Self-Motorised of dimensions no more than 4m height x 3.6m width x 7m length or; Towed on a trailer of dimensions no more than 4m height x 3.6m width x 8m length.

b. Defines or indicates any riding positions on the float, that is, adults or children, location and sitting and/or standing positions.

c. Defines positions of any performers or characters walking alongside the float during a parade.

d. Defines the position of two AV speakers hidden from public view on the float.

e. Represents the final product in a life-like way and is easy for the Judging Panel to interpret.

3. Originality
The Design will be judged for its Originality. Including:

a. That it does not conflict with any existing Pageant float listed on the official Float Design Competition documents.

b. Does not breach any existing copyright.

c. On its demonstration of creative thought, process and artistic design.

4. Practicality to manufacture
The Design will be judged on its ability to be produced to available manufacturing budget.

5. Potential to appeal
The Design will be judged on its ability to appeal to the public, particularly children under the age of 11 years.

Please read the full Entry Guidelines here
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Full terms & conditions can be found in the Entry Guidelines document.

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