With only a few weeks to go now until the 2018 Credit Union Christmas Pageant, for many of us it means that Christmas is well and truly on the way!

Pageant Day is a wonderful tradition for many to mark the day the Christmas tree goes up, and you can really start getting in the mood for Christmas. But, if you’ve already put up your tree by Pageant Day, that might be a sign that you are absolutely obsessed with the Pageant and with Christmas! If so, welcome the club.

If you can tick off any of the following, then we have to tell you, you are Pageant and Christmas obsessed!

You regularly listen to Christmas music

Christmas Carols are not just for December people! Especially these days when so many of our favourite artists – we’re looking at you Michael Bublé – do amazing Christmas cover albums! If you’ve listened to Christmas music, whether it be a classic carol, or Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You, before Pageant Day, you have the beginnings of Christmas obsession!

You tag your friends in all of the Pageant Day countdowns

We get pretty excited each time we hit a milestone in the countdown to the Pageant. It feels like it was just yesterday that we hit 100 days to go, and now it’s just around the corner! Are you that person that makes sure you tag your friends and Pageant crew so that they can never forget how far away the Pageant is? If so, we love you, and you’re a little bit Pageant obsessed!

You have an absolute favourite float that you get so excited to see every year

Maybe you’re a Nipper person, maybe Pogo is your favourite? Maybe it’s Mulga Bill, Possum Magic, Wang Wang & Funi, Lilly-Rose or Bruto? Whoever it is, you have your beloved favourite float in the Pageant, and no one can ever change your mind. There are so many floats in the Pageant it’s hard to decide, but you know who the best is. As soon as the float list gets released, you make sure to see what number it is that you definitely won’t miss it. Sound familiar? You must love the Pageant as much as we do!


You’ve started asking your friends/colleagues what they’re doing for Christmas in October

It’s still a couple of months away to the big day, one of the happiest days of the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to plan! Are you that person that has started asking their friends what their Christmas plans are? Asked if they’re heading away, spending time with Family? Maybe some people have told you it’s too early to start planning Christmas, but you don’t care, because you love Christmas!

You know exactly where you’ll be sitting on Pageant Day

Pageant veterans know that the best spots are the ones you grab early! But, we all have a different favourite place on the route that we love to take it all in from. Maybe you like sitting somewhere along King William St before Victoria Square, so you’ve got a nice long view of the initial stages of the Pageant. Maybe you’re a Victoria Square kind of Pageant person, so that you can really feel the atmosphere of the crowds around the Square! Of course, North Terrace is a favourite for many, with the exciting fanfare of the finish of the Pageant. Don’t forget, there’s 3.3km of Pageant route to view from! But, if you’re a bit Pageant obsessed, you already know where you're heading on Pageant morning!

You own some Christmas themed clothes and plan to wear them on Pageant Day!

Do you have a classic knitted Christmas themed jumper? Maybe a funny Christmas T-Shirt? Or maybe you prefer to accessorize Christmas style, with tinsel decorated earrings? Whatever you wear, you have something that screams Christmas and you love to bring it out at this time of year! If there’s any day before Christmas you can wear it, it’s Pageant Day! And, it will tell all of the other Pageant people just how Christmas obsessed you are.


Your house is known on your street for always having Christmas decorations

Your house is hard to miss on your street around Christmas time, because it’s that one with the beautiful Christmas decorations all over the front! There’s nothing quite like Christmas fairy lights at night-time during Christmas, and you love to make it last as long as possible by bringing them out nice and early. What gets people in the mood for Christmas better than Reindeer, Snowmen and colourful lights? Not much!

Are you Pageant and Christmas obsessed? So are we! We can’t wait to kick off the Christmas period on Pageant Day, Saturday 10th of November. We hope to see you all there!