The United Kingdom may have Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles - and some more modern favourites, William, Kate, Harry and Meaghan - but here in Adelaide we are home to a very special type of Royal Family, the Credit Union Christmas Pageant Royal Family.

It's a tradition nearly as old as the Pageant itself! In 1939 for the first time - just 6 years after the first ever Pageant - the Pageant Queen was introduced. It was first introduced for wartime fundraising, as this was still before World War II. 

It's continued every year since then - except for the 4 years between 1941 and 1944 when there was no Pageant due to World War II - and every year has since a deserving Queen crowned to have the prestigious position.

Unlike the UK's Royal Family, each of our Pageant Queens is not related, but is crowned based on merit. In recent years, since the credit unions first partnered the Christmas Pageant, the Pageant Queen has been a staff member from one of the four credit unions, selected by a special panel. Anyone nominated for Pageant Queen has undergone assessment and interviews, to ensure they are ready to take on the responsibility of being Pageant Queen and a role model to the hundreds of thousands of people that watch the Pageant.

Over the years so many special people have taken on this role, and put so many smiles on people's faces. In 2009, the Queen was given a Royal Family, and joined by a King, Princes and Princesses!

This year, Queen Katrina from Beyond Bank and King Brandon from Police Credit Union are joining the legacy of Pageant Royals, and for the credit unions' last Pageant, having the honour of being this year's Pageant Royal Family.

Queen Katrina and King Brandon spoke to Leith Forrest on 5AA as part of their Royal Duties, and it's clear why both were chosen!

Queen Katrina is a Pageant veteran. 

"This is my 20th year! My very first Pageant I was a clown, which I have to say is one of the hardest roles. I've been a pirate, on the Nimble float... After 20 Pageants to finish at the pinnacle of Queen is an honor and a privilege. It's an iconic tradition that's been around since 1939, so it's a big part of the Pageant", said Queen Katrina.

King Brandon is more of a newcomer, this is his first Pageant! However, it's clear that King Brandon is passionate about his new appointment, with the opportunity to put a smile on thousands of peoples' faces his biggest motivation for becoming King. 

"I'm always laughing and smiling, that's just me naturally! It's something money can't buy. I love the Pageant and want to be a part of it, but I can't wait to put a smile on everyone's faces!" he said.

You can see Queen Katrina, King Brandon and the rest of the Royal Family on Pageant Day, make sure to give them a big wave! This wonderful tradition will continue for years to come, and we look forward to welcoming many more deserving men and women to the Pageant Royal Family, which grows every year!

The 2018 Credit Union Christmas Pageant is on Saturday, 10th of November.


1962 Pageant Queen Christine Murray, crowned by Bill Hayward

Image via Adelaide Now


King Brandon and Queen Katrina