The Credit Union Christmas Pageant Royal Family has officially been crowned for 2018, with Katrina Edwards from Beyond Bank crowned as Queen, and Police Credit Union's Brandon Kelly as King.

Credit Union Christmas Pageant, Creative Director, Brian Gilbertson said the judging panel for the Royal Family this year had a really tough job selecting the Queen and King as all were very strong candidates. 

“Each and every member of the 2018 Credit Union Christmas Pageant Royal Family are worthy of their titles. Their community spirit and values as well as their Pageant passion are the qualities needed to excel in these roles,” said Brian. 

Queen Katrina is what some may call a Credit Union Christmas Pageant veteran with the 2018 event being her 20th Pageant.  

“In my 20th year, I am very honoured to be selected as Pageant Queen. The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is a part of who I am, my family and friends all know how much I enjoy the Pageant and how lucky I am to be able to give back to our community,” said Queen Katrina. 

“The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is iconic. It is a part of our history. South Australians whether living in SA or abroad all have special memories from young to old. For me, the very next day after the pageant is when I put my Christmas Tree up!”  

Queen Katrina still treasures her first Pageant as a participant in 1998, turning the corner for the very first time from South Terrace into King William Road, which simply took her breath away.

“I will never forget the crowd, the noise, the smiles, the excitement, the anticipation for Father Christmas.  I will remember that always,” said Queen Katrina who is now frantically practicing her royal wave and smile. 
King Brandon will experience participating in his first Credit Union Christmas Pageant in 2018, albeit as the King no less! 

“It is an honour and privilege to be crowned King, especially in my first Pageant,” said King Brandon. 

“I’ve always wanted to participate in the Pageant, and was very excited when I joined Police Credit Union and realised that I’d finally have an opportunity to do this,” said King Brandon. 

“I remember watching the Pageant as a kid and seeing Father Christmas for the first time. I used to go with the whole family including my cousins. We would make a whole day of it and go line up and see Father Christmas afterwards. It also meant that Christmas wasn’t too far away!” 

“I believe that to be a royal you must remember to always be kind, to be giving and caring. The best part of being a royal is bringing a smile to someone’s face every time we are in the community. I am ready for the challenge.” 

Queen Katrina and King Brandon will be joined by Royal Family members Princess Jaye Hurley and Prince Cameron Forster (People’s Choice Credit Union), Prince Roy Walton (Beyond Bank Australia), Princess Kate Swann and Prince Fred Storbeck (Credit Union SA) and Princess Julia Blanka (Police Credit Union). 

The 2018 Credit Union Christmas Pageant Royal Family will make their royal debut at the official event launch, before their Royal duties on Pageant Day on Saturday, 10th of November.