The Credit Union Christmas Pageant Royal Family has officially been crowned for 2018, with Queen Katrina and King Brandon crowned in an official coronation, along with the 2018 Pageant Princes and Princesses.

Before their Royal Duties on Pageant Day, we were given the very special opportunity to talk to the Queen and King and find out more about them.

Queen Katrina and King Brandon, congratulations on your crowning! What does it mean to you to be a part of the 2018 Pageant Royal Family?

Queen Katrina: In my 20th year, I am very honoured to be selected to represent Beyond Bank Australia. The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is a part of who I am, my family and friends all know how much I enjoy the pageant and how lucky I am to give back to our community. I have loved each year I have participated. Each new character, new costume, new dance move or even clowning around!

King Brandon: Being the last one for the credit unions, I definitely wanted to be involved in some way so to be part of the 2018 Pageant Royal Family would make the experience even more special.  

What has been your most memorable Pageant moment?

Queen Katrina: In 1998, turning the very first time from South Terrace into King William Road. The crowd, the noise, the smiles, the excitement, the anticipation for Father Christmas.  I will remember that always.

King Brandon: I remember watching it as a kid and seeing Father Christmas for the first time. I used to go with the whole family including my cousins. We would make a whole day of it and go line up and see Father Christmas afterwards. It also meant that Christmas wasn’t too far away!

What is your favourite float?

Queen Katrina: Nellie! Sometimes she makes it, sometimes she doesn’t, that’s part of her charm.

King Brandon: Of course, it’s Father Christmas! Who doesn’t want to see him. I remember impatiently asking my parents, “When is he coming?

Why do you think the Pageant is so loved by South Australians?

Queen Katrina: The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is iconic. It is a part of our history. South Australians whether living in SA or abroad all have special memories from young to old. For me, the very next day after the pageant is when I put my Christmas Tree up!

King Brandon: The Pageant brings everyone together not just families but the whole state. It is literally one day where the whole state celebrates the joy of Christmas. Everyone who has been to the Pageant as a kid has happy memories of waiting behind the blue line and then watching it again that night on TV.  

What are things you think a Royal must always remember?

Queen Katrina: Connect, be humble, be kind, be welcoming, always go beyond.

King Brandon: Royals must remember to always be kind, to be giving and caring. They must always bring a smile to someone’s life.  

What are your tips for all of the Pageant People coming to see the Pageant?

Queen Katrina and King Brandon:

  • Go to bed early the night before, and arrive early so you have time to pick out a spot and do some chalk drawing
  • Pack in your bag plenty of water to drink and food to nibble on
  • Bring your family and friends to enjoy the day

We also were given the privilege of talking to this year's Pageant Princes and Princesses! Get to know them a bit more.

Prince Cameron, People's Choice Credit Union: This will be my third Pageant. I've been an artists, a clown, and now Pageant Royalty! My favorite float is Bruto - you can spot him from miles away down the Pageant route. Being part of the Royal Family really is a unique way to give back to South Australian’s and emulate the magic of Christmas.

Princess Jaye, People's Choice Credit Union: My most memorable moment is the start of the Pageant. You can feel the energy and excitement start to build and your heart starts to beat that little bit faster. The second most memorable moment is the look on all the children's faces when they see Father Christmas! We are in a unique and privileged position to be one Father Christmas' helpers and it is our job to spread happiness, kindness and the Christmas spirit.

Princess Kate, Credit Union SA: I have been a Fairy, a Gardener, Rumba Girl, Talent School Kid, Royal Ascot Lady, Cheshire Cat, Toad's Passenger and a Penguin - I've been quite the variety of Pageant characters over the years! My favorite float is 'Alice in Wonderland', because I love the big pink Cheshire Cat! I think the Pageant symbolizes South Australia's great community spirit - the roles are played by South Australians just like you and me. 

Princess Julia, Police Credit Union: My favorite float is Father Christmas, but Possum Magic follows as a close second. I was particularly close with my grandmother when she was alive, and hence Possum Magic was my favorite book growing up. My most memorable moment at the Pageant was last year, when I was lucky enough to visit the children at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital as a clown. To be involved in an event where I can bring happiness and joy to a child who is going through a tough time is incredibly heart-warming and special. I will never forget that look of excitement and disbelief as these children, who were just watching the Credit Union Christmas Pageant on their TVs, looked up and saw a flurry of Pageant characters in their rooms. It was an extremely special moment!

Prince Roy, Beyond Bank Australia: The Pageant is loved by many if not ALL South Australians, because it is a part of our history. It is the biggest event of the year and brings happiness and joy to children who sometimes don’t have a lot, just this one day brings smiles to their faces even for just a short time but the memories will last forever. I am grateful and most definitely honored to be a part of the Royal Family.

Make sure to look out for Queen Katrina, King Brandon and the rest of the Royal Family on Pageant Day, and give them a big wave!


King Brandon and Queen Katrina


The 2017 Royal Family on board their float