This year our Official Charity Partner is Camp Quality, Australia’s most reputable children’s charity. Camp Quality is there for kids and their families at every stage of the cancer experience – in hospital, at school, at home and away from it all

We are so excited to have them on board and to help raise funds and awareness for the wonderful work they do to ensure children impacted by cancer can thrive.

There are so many wonderful initiatives that Camp Quality runs – including the Primary Schoo Education Program puppet show, Family Camps, Kids’ Camps, In Hospital Support, Family Fun Days, Family Experiences and the Kids' Guide to Cancer app.

One of many fundraising events happening across the country to raise money to ensure Australian families impacted by cancer can access Camp Quality’s services free of charge is the Cherry Ball!

The Cherry Ball raises funds and awareness of Camp Quality’s work, with a Black (White and Red) Tie event at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The Cherry Ball coincides with the cherry season in South Australia, so fittingly as part of the silent auction, the first item for bid is the first box of cherries of the season!

Last year, the Cherry Ball raised $234,000 for Camp Quality!

Every year there are two very special guests at the Ball who are an important part of the Camp Quality family, the Cherry Prince and Princess!

We were very lucky to have this year's Cherry Prince and Princess - Prince Levi and Princess Jazmyn - join us for our Pageant festivities, and spend some time with Jolly and Jingles!

Princess Jazmyn is very excited about being the Cherry Princess. It makes her feel happy, good and silly! She is most looking forward to dressing up, and has decided she is going to wear a Cherry Red Dress! Jazmyn is 9 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma at the age of 7 and a half. She has been through a great deal over the past 18 months, including many procedures, and missing lots of schools, but her mum told us that they are finally seeing their little girl come back with the laughter that makes them smile, and that her kindness, caring, sharing and laughter is infectious!

Camp Quality does so much work for not only children experiencing cancer, but their families as well, for whom it is also a difficult time. Prince Levi was 7 years old when his 2 and half year old sister Maddie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. While his parents tried to protect him from the reality of what his little sister was going through, he was aware something was wrong when Maddie had to stay in hospitality and mum and dad wouldn't leave her side. Levi would do his best to play with Maddie and keep her smiling, doing things like reading her stories, Uno, craft and watching movies together. Levi is a very protective brother and always watches over Maddie's procedures to check things were done right.

Levi loves going places with Maddie and his family, and a highlight for him was a trip on the Proud Mary organized by Camp Quality. Levi has often spent his summer holidays, his birthday, Christmas and New Years Eve in hospital without complaint, as he was content to be together as a family.

Both Jazmyn and Levi have experienced the wonderful work of Camp Quality, and both with their bravery and enthusiasm were deserving recipients of their royal titles.

This year's Cherry Ball is on Pageant Day - Saturday 10th of November - and you can be part of this meaningful event. Just head to the Camp Quality website here to find out more and book. 

Jazmyn also had some great ideas for those schools who are part of the Credit Union Christmas Pageant Schools Challenge. She has just celebrated her 9th birthday, and she had her mum make her a Unicorn and Harry Potter themed birthday cake. Jazmyn thought that schools could dress up as either Unicorns and Harry Potter to school one day, and bring a gold coin! For more information on the Schools Challenge and how to participate, click here.

You can donate to Camp Quality both in the lead up to the Pageant, on Pageant Day and in the lead up to Christmas. Just click here!


Princess Jazmyn and Prince Levi with Jolly and Jingles