A little while ago, we put it out to our community to find out which Pageant floats are everyone's favourites.

Well, we can now reveal that the results are IN! According to our Pageant people, some of the most favourite floats are Possum Magic, Clowning Clarry, Pogo, Nimble and of course, Bruto.

It got us thinking though. What are the favourite floats of the elves of Stardust Castle? 

Although the elves are busily preparing for this year's Credit Union Christmas Pageant, we managed to ask them what their favourite floats are. Here are the top 5!

1. Bruto

Hands down the most popular float in the Pageant is Bruto, according to just about everyone! This big, pink, fluffy guy is the nicest monster you’ll meet at Stardust Castle. With his strong arms, he always carries two of our littlest Adelaideans from the start to the finish of the Pageant. Bruto by size, brilliant by nature.

2. Nipper and Nimble

These two horses are among the mainstays of the Pageant. Since the very first edition, these two famed equines have made their way through the streets of Adelaide bringing joy to thousands. Nimble is the elegant, silver-haired horse who parades a little princess on his back, while Nipper is a speedy racehorse who is smaller in stature, but big in heart.

3. Nellie Bollywood

She’s our favourite Pageant animal! Nellie is a right royal parade elephant who helps to herald the arrival of Father Christmas to Adelaide. Like all kind elephants, she’s got a big heart and plenty of noise to trumpet to the crowd.

4. Possum Magic

Mem Fox’s famous children’s book comes to life with Possum Magic. Here we see Grandma Poss and Hush weaving bush magic atop a book – forever reminding South Australians of the power of reading and the Magic of Australia’s native animals.

5. Country Cricket

Howzat?! Poor Koala has been stumped and the rest of the bush animals are appealing his dismissal. It will be a long way back to the pavilion for a drink at the SA Water quench bench.

You can discover all of the other float characters in this year's Pageant here.