Last week we announced our exciting new theme for this year's Pageant, 'Shining a Light on Kindness'. 

With our new theme our goal is to share the good deeds of the community focusing on the positive power and common thread of kindness, and bring the community together through kindness regardless of politics, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age or location. 

To celebrate this theme, we have teamed up with our friends at Camp Quality for an exciting new initiative - The Kindness Experiment!

Camp Quality are all about kindness as well - as well as their own special type of kindness, kid-ness! - so together we will be showing our community different ways to help shine a light on kindness.

Each week on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we will be showing you ways to shine a light on kindness, which can be so simple and free of cost. It might be simply saying hello to someone with a cheery smile! It might be letting someone go in front of you in the checkout line at the Supermarket. Kindness is so easy and takes so little effort, but can mean the world to other people!

Together, if we are all do something kind, it really will add up to a better world.

But, we want to share in all of the kindness with you, and we want to see how you shine a light on kindness! We want you to share with us on social media your kindness, and use the hashtag #thekindnessexperiment. Also tag us and our friends at Camp Quality, links to the relevant social media channels are below. Wouldn't it be wonderful to scroll through Instagram and see all of the kindness!

We'll be sharing the kindness all the way to Christmas, but we encourage everyone to always help shine a light on kindness!

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