It's the final week before Christmas, a time for love, celebration, and of course, a little bit of gift giving.


One of the many wonderful traditions of Christmas is to give gifts to loved ones, colleagues, friends and family. It's a wonderful feeling to give someone a gift that they can enjoy and treasure, and we all know how that feels as well when we receive gifts!


Giving presents at Christmas time doesn't have to mean spending lots of money though. It's the thought that really counts with gifts, and they certainly don't have to cost a lot, or anything!


Some of you may be still finishing off your Christmas shopping for the year. If you are, we've got a handy list of ideas for you of gifts you can give to loved ones this Christmas that don't mean a financial strain.


  • A home made Voucher for house cleaning services or a car wash: Make a voucher from you to your loved one to do a bit of cleaning for them. It's worth its weight in gold to someone that doesn't love cleaning!

  • Offer to house sit or baby sit: Make another home made voucher to help out a friend or family member to house sit or baby sit for them some time, free of charge.

  • Do a book exchange: Agree with your loved one to exchange a great book that you've read, then you've both got a new one for free!

  • Put together a cook book: There are so many free recipes online, so why not collect a few of your favourites - or recipes that remind you of someone - write them up in a notebook or print them off, and gift it as your very own cook book.

  • Get Baking: Whether it's bread, cookies, a cake or a casserole, we all love an edible present! You could cook or bake someone something delicious for them to enjoy over the holidays.

  • Help them get organized with dinners. Do you have a killer bolognese sauce recipe? Maybe you make a mean curry? Cook up a week's worth of your signature dish and put them in reusable containers as a gift for a busy friend you might have who'd appreciate a few ready-made meals.

  • Write them something. Get creative and write a story, a letter, a poem, or anything! There's something so meaningful about someone putting pen to paper for someone. Or even better….

  • A monthly letter! Write your loved one 12 letters and give them to open each month in 2019. Write about what they might be going through, what you hope for them to achieve, and what you hope you can do together that month!

  • Take them to a free event. Your time is one of the best gifts you can give someone! Do a bit of research online and find a free concert, festival, market or art gallery you can take someone to for a day out. You could even pack a picnic of homemade goodies to enjoy together.

  • Regift: Sometimes we can get gifted things that we maybe don't need, or already have something similar. Don't let it go to waste sitting in your cupboard or throw it out, re-gift it on so that it can have a new life.

  • Puzzles You've Done. Once you've done a puzzle, let's be honest, it's doesn't ever really have the same effect again! Puzzles are a great gift to pass on for someone else to be challenged.

  • Make them a mix! While the days of Mix tapes may be over, you can easily make someone a personalized play list for them to play on their device. You could make it Christmas themed, made up of their favourite songs, or a whole lot of new music they might not have heard before.

  • Inspiration Jar. Sometimes we all need a little bit of motivation, so make someone you love an Inspiration Jar. Fill a mason jar or small container with a bunch of small handwritten notes. They could be compliments, affirmations, thoughts for the day or more. Fill them in a jar that you decorate, and the recipient can grab one whenever they're feeling low!

  • Treat them to a Spa Day: Everyone loves to be pampered, and it doesn't take going to an expensive salon to do so. You could set up a mini spa in your house, and give your loved one a a manicure and pedicure, massage, hair styling, facial or makeup application!

  • DIY Beauty Products. There are so many tutorials and articles online with recipes using natural products to make things like bath bombs, lip scrubs, body washes, hand cream and more. Find out your loved one's favourite scent or flavour and tailor their products just for them!

  • Home Made Candles. Got some half-used candles lying around your house? Get crafty with them, and melt them down and put them into a new container for a brand new candle. Teacups work perfectly and are a beautiful house décor item.

  • Get Handy. Someone you know might have a few house jobs that need to get done that they just can't get around to. Maybe they need to paint a wall, install a new light fitting, or fix their kitchen cupboards. Head around with your tools and give them some free labour.

  • Frame It. We all know someone who has something lying around, whether it's a photo, certificate, or just a treasured memory, that could be displayed proudly! Grab a cheap frame and frame their special item to hang in their home.