Handy Hints

Once you know how you're getting into the City of Adelaide, where on the route you'll sit and when your favourite float is coming, you're almost Pageant Day ready!

Here's some other handy hints for everyone coming to the 2019 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant.

  • Study the route map so you know where to go, and bookmark our website so you have a copy on your phone. We'll also send a Pageant Day email to our subscribers, so make sure you join the mailing list on our homepage here.
  • Arrive early to get the best spot.
  • Arrange a meeting spot and a time to meet up in case you and your group are separated during the day.
  • For security reasons, please do not leave any bags or personal items unattended. If you see any suspicious items or behaviour, please report it to Police, Pageant officials or security at the event.
  • Bring some colourful chalk to decorate the Pageant route while you wait for the starting whistle.
  • Bring plenty of snacks (but leave the barbecue at home).
  • Bring plenty of cool drinking water - freeze a water bottle the night before for an icy treat.
  • Bring blankets, rugs, low folding chairs and cushions to sit on (leave your ladders, scaffolding and pop-up shelters at home).
  • Please avoid using an umbrella while the Pageant is passing - if wet, bring a waterproof jacket or poncho.
  • Wait until the roads are closed to set up your blankets and rugs behind the Blue Honour Line.
  • Let children sit at the front behind the Blue Honour Line for the best view.
  • Please do not smoke around children.
  • Be sun smart and Slip, Slop, Slap. 
  • Remember to BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle! Rather than buy a plastic bottle of water, bring your own from home and fill it up at the SA Water Quench Benches! If you forget, you can get a super cool SA Water bottle for a $2 donation to Camp Quality.
  • Take a photo of your child on your phone or digital camera on the morning of the Pageant - it's much easier than trying to remember what they were wearing!
  • Introduce your child to the nearest police officer so they know who to go to if they become lost.
  • Locate the nearest public toilets.
  • Have lots of fun!