Entries have now closed. Good luck to everyone who entered!


Entries open Friday 7 May and closes on Wednesday 30 June. The winners will be announced in mid-September 2021.

Designs are to be received no later than the close of business on Wednesday 30 June 2021. Prize winners will be advised in mid-September 2021. Entry submission cannot be received later than the date specified in order to meet production deadlines to be ready for the Pageant.


Thanks to National Pharmacies, the winning entries will receive:
First prize: $500 + a unique behind the scenes tour of Stardust Castle + a reserved space to watch the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant
Second prize: $250
Third prize: $100

Each entry will be viewed by a panel of judges appointed by the Pageant’s creative director.

See the terms & conditions for the 2021 Mini Float Competition.

A mini float is a small mobile set that is light enough to be pushed or pulled along the Pageant route. These are some examples of previous mini float winners:

NP Magical Mail, 2020
NP Magical Mail, 2020
The Kindness Tree, 2018
The Kindness Tree, 2018
Ringo the North Pole Hotline, 2013
Ringo the North Pole Hotline, 2013

While the team at Stardust Castle will build the winning entry based on the student design it is important to note that the mini float will be moved manually by Pageant characters so it needs to be light and easily moved.

Theme: Christmas

Be inspired by fantasy, fairy tales and magic all with a look and feel for Christmas. Use your imagination and be creative!

This is a wonderful opportunity to put pen to paper, colour pencils and whatever other tools young creative minds can conjure up to imagine, craft and create a Pageant mini float.

You can present a drawing, painting or model.We will need a minimum of one (1) full-colour, hand-drawn or digital drawing of the Float Design (“the Design”) in its entirety. You can also create a model mini-float!

Entries in the 2021 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant ‘Mini Float Competition’ will be judged on:

  • Originality: Mini floats should not be designed with similar themes to the existing Pageant floats.
  • Artistic content: What is your theme?
  • Presentation: How are you going to present your design?
  • Construction content: What will your mini float be made of?
  • Music: What music/sounds would you suggest for your mini float?
  • Character and Costume design: What are the details of the characters that will be around and moving your mini float? What will your characters be wearing?

Inappropriate Designs

It is very important to remember that the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is a FREE community event that is non-commercial. This means your designs MUST NOT:

  • Breach copyright themes (for example Disney).
  • Use syndicated cartoons (for example, The Simpsons).
  • Include copyrighted characters (for example, Mickey Mouse).
  • Include film or theatre or musical production characters (for example, Frozen).
  • Include any signage that may promote any organisation.

You can submit your entries digitally or you can mail them to our elves at Stardust Castle. 

You must send your entry by midnight on Wednesday 30 June 2021. Once your creation is complete, you just need to send it to us so we can see it! You just need to follow these steps:


1. Fill out the application form below.

2. Scan or take a picture of your creation and submit it as part of the submission form below. If you’ve made a model, please send us images of the model.

3. You’re done! Thank you for entering!


1. Download the submission form here and fill out all of the information. 

2. Send the submission form and your drawing or model to the following address:

71-81 Coker Street, Ferryden Park SA 5010 

3. You’re done! Thank you for entering!

Please make sure all models and drawings are labelled with the design and student, school, and class name.

Naming Rights Sponsor

National Pharmacies