17 Oct 2021

Mini Float makes three for local family

The National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is cherished by South Australians. For many it’s a family tradition that sees grandparents, parents and children gather to celebrate the joy of Christmas. Now – as we prepare to celebrate 89 years of festive fun – a new story has emerged.

Three generations of South Australia’s Oxenberry family have officially experienced pageant magic.

Let’s wind back to the 90s. David Oxenberry had worked at John Martins for years, a role that saw him participate in many pageants and welcome Father Christmas to the Magic Cave. David was even called on to lead the pageant as head marshal and given the role of blowing the golden whistle to begin the iconic event – an honour reserved for those who have made a significant contribution to it.

David Oxenberry with daughter Eloise
David Oxenberry with daughter Eloise

David’s daughters Eloise and Meagan had the special opportunity to follow in their father’s footsteps and participate in the pageant themselves. Eloise (pictured above) was a fairy in the same year her father was a marshal, and Meagan starred on the beloved Nimble float.

Meagan on the Nimble float
Meagan on the Nimble float

Fast-forward to 2021 and the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant continues to bring joy and happiness to South Australia. This year will be extra special for the Oxenberry family, with 11-year-old Adeline – daughter of Meagan and granddaughter of David – winning the 2021 Mini Float competition. Her success adds a new chapter and third generation to this pageant story.

Adeline with her Mini Float: A Violin for Christmas
Adeline with her Mini Float: A Violin for Christmas

Adeline’s winning float A Violin for Christmas was inspired by her late great-grandmother ‘GG’, an accomplished violinist. After GG passed her precious 150-year-old violin was given to Adeline. It was the idea of a musical Christmas gift that inspired Adeline when she considered her Mini Float competition entry. 

Adeline’s design has now been built and transformed into a Mini Float and will feature in this year’s National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant at Adelaide Oval on Saturday 13 November. Watch how the Mini Float came together and Adeline’s reaction when she first saw it here:

When Adeline’s mother Meagan discovered her daughter had won she said, “You can imagine how incredibly special it is for a third generation being involved – not just being in the pageant but my daughter actually designing a float...too exciting for words!”

The Oxenberry family reminds us how significant the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is for South Australians – and the wonderful memories it continues to create.

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