11 Nov 2022

National Pharmacies to see Christmas Pageant through to 100th year

National Pharmacies will see South Australia’s cherished Christmas Pageant through to its centenary, confirming their commitment to the event as naming rights partner for the next decade.

The news of a 10-year sponsorship deal comes as children and families across the state prepare to make their way into the city tomorrow, Saturday 12 November, for the 90th anniversary of the Christmas Pageant.

This year, it is a double celebration as it’s also the first time since 2019 that the event has taken place on the streets. More recently, it was held as an arena spectacular at Adelaide Oval due to covid.

National Pharmacies first became naming rights sponsor of the major event in 2019. They took over from the Credit Unions (People’s Choice Credit Union, Beyond Bank Australia, Credit Union SA and Police Credit Union) who had been the Christmas Pageant’s collective naming rights sponsor from 1996.

Over 300,000 people lined the city’s streets for the first year of the National Pharmacies sponsorship in 2019. It is hoped that these same numbers, and potentially more, turn out this year.

Premier of South Australia Peter Malinauskas recognised National Pharmacies as a great fit for the iconic South Australian event.

“National Pharmacies has made a huge impact on the Pageant since becoming naming rights sponsor. They have supported the event through some of the biggest challenges in its 90-year history – when Covid put a stop to major events across the globe, National Pharmacies and the Christmas Pageant team came up with a safe and workable solution to ensure children and families would not be without their beloved festive season opener,” said Premier Malinauskas.

“As a proud South Australian organisation that has been caring for the community since 1911, National Pharmacies is a great fit for the Christmas Pageant and reflects a true South Australian pairing. I commend National Pharmacies, their Board led by Pauline Carr and their CEO Vito Borrello, for their commitment to South Australia and to our iconic Christmas Pageant.”

Vito Borrello, Chief Executive Officer, National Pharmacies said extending the sponsorship made good sense.

behind the famous blue honour line, but also in terms of increasing visitation to the city and in turn boosting the local economy.

“It has been fantastic to collaborate on this event with National Pharmacies and we thoroughly look forward to continuing this special partnership over the next 10 years. Thank you to the entire National Pharmacies team.”

Brian Gilbertson, Director of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant praised National Pharmacies staff and members for helping spread joy on Pageant Day and making the event a success.

“Having National Pharmacies join us on the Christmas Pageant has been a tremendous success. The staff and National Pharmacies members have made excellent additions to our Christmas Pageant talent – the passion they put into their roles shines through as they put smiles on the faces of people young and old on Pageant Day,” said Mr Gilbertson.

“With the news this morning of a further 10 years with them on board, I’m excited to see what the coming years hold. Roll on the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant’s 100th year.”

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