03 Nov 2020

The history behind the Blue Honour Line

Very few South Australians aren't aware of the true meaning behind the blue line that runs along some city streets in Adelaide. 

No, it's not a road marking. It's the Blue Honour Line for the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant! 

So many of us know that special blue line as the mark for where everyone must sit behind on Pageant Day. But how did it come about?

Back when the Pageant first started, 88 years ago now in 1933, the Pageant was much smaller than it was now. The first ever Pageant had six floats and four bands, so didn't take too long to travel the procession through the city. 

Fast forward to today and there are over 170 distinct sets every year in the Pageant! There are floats, moving sets, bands, dancers and clowns, that all travel slowly down the Pageant Route to give each and every person the best chance to take it all in.

As the Pageant is so much larger and longer than it was all those years ago, it means much more people come every year, and it's a bit too long to stand and watch.

As more people attended the Pageant, it became a bit too crowded, so in 1958 a blue line was painted down to mark where people should start to sit and stand to watch the Pageant.  It was named the Blue Honour Line to encourage everyone to honour and respect the Pageant, for the safety of everyone attending.

Ever since, everyone coming to the Pageant has respected the Blue Honour Line to make for a safe and fun day for everyone. In fact, many Parades and Pageants around Australia have taken the lead from Adelaide's Christmas Pageant and painted their own Honour Line!

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