09 Oct 2023

Top Spots to view the Pageant

Whether you're new to the Pageant or a multi-year veteran, one thing is for sure - the sheer size of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is something to behold!

With 3.5km of Pageant Route snaking through the City of Adelaide, it's easy to see why the annual event attracts over 300,000 people from around Adelaide, South Australia and even interstate!

Newbies in particular might be wondering where to start! If so, you've come to the right place! We understand that it can be hard to decide where to select your viewing spot for the Pageant, as each area has it's own special charm.

To help you out we've put together our list of top spots to watch the Pageant from, but wherever you decide, we recommend you arrive bright and early!

King William Street / Town Hall

This is where the Pageant concludes and Father Christmas disembarks his sleigh to take his spot on the balcony of the Adelaide Town Hall. It is truly going to be a special spot where you can see Father Christmas make his way to the balcony to wave to the crowds before giving his Christmas message to the children and families of South Australia.

South Terrace/King William Street

This is where it all begins, be there as the Golden Whistle is blown and the 91st National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant gets going. Of course, if you’re at this end of the route, you’ll be the first to see the man in red! It's also good because it means you can make your way out of the city after the exciting procession has finished without too much fuss!

Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga

It’s not quite a 360 view, but Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga affords one of the best and longest views of the Pageant procession. Here, the floats travel up King William Street from South Terrace to Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga before heading east along Wakefield Street through Reconciliation Plaza. If you want to hang around to see the Carols performances presented by Beaumont Tiles, take a short walk across to the Adelaide Town Hall - you'll even see some of the floats again!

Wakefield Street

Watch the procession make its way through the tall buildings of Wakefield Street. For the kids, there’s no better place to marvel at the sights of the floats as they meander through the concrete jungle!

Pulteney Street / Hindmarsh Square

How’s the serenity? It doesn’t get much better than Hindmarsh Square, where you can shade yourself beneath the trees while the procession passes through on its way to North Terrace. 

North Terrace

See the procession float by heritage South Australian buildings as the Pageant continues on its 3.5km journey. Plus, it puts you in GREAT standing to walk right over the road into Rundle Mall for some Christmas shopping post Pageant.

Flinders Street / King William Street

If Father Christmas has already passed you but you're wanting to move closer to the Adelaide Town Hall to hear Father Christmas's welcome message plus see some exciting carols performances, we recommend heading to the corner of Flinders Street / King William Street to get a view of the finale. 

See the full 2023 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant route here.

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