Father Christmas had made his Merry way down North Terrace, the Pageant's all done for another year, so what to do now?

Just because the last float goes past doesn't mean Pageant Day is over! While you're in the heart of the city there is plenty to do around the City of Adelaide to really make it a Pageant Day in Adelaide to remember.

If you've still got some energy left in you after the Pageant, we've pulled together the best to-do's in the City of Adelaide, so you can really kick off Christmas in Adelaide in style!

Re-Fuel at the Central Markets

With the Pageant's conclusion comes lunchtime! In the City there are so many great places to go for a nice lunch. Near the Pageant Route are precincts full of tasty places to eat including Waymouth Street and Gouger Street. Of course though, you can't go past the Central Markets after the Pageant for a one-stop shop of beautiful South Australian produce. Settle in with a coffee and a delicious lunch before you head on home.

Start your Christmas Shopping

If you've just seen Father Christmas make his way into the Magic Cave, you're very well positioned to head into Rundle Mall and start a bit of shopping while you're in the Christmas mood! There's truly something for everyone in the Mall, whoever you're buying for. It's also nice to see all of the Christmas decorations for the first time, and maybe grab a few of your own to commemorate the day!

Visit the Magic Cave

Pageant Day means the Magic Cave is open and ready to explore! Head up to David Jones and really get your first Christmas fix in the home of Father Christmas. He'll be there from after the Pageant, until Christmas Eve, so there's plenty of time to go and say hello, and tell him what presents you want!

Enjoy a Picnic in the Park

Need to wind down after all of the excitement and colour of the Pageant? When you pack for the day, pack some extra food - that you don't snack on pre-Pageant! - and relax in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. It's the perfect quiet finish to what is a very busy morning and get away from the hustle and bustle before you head home.

There's plenty more to do and see around the City of Adelaide, ESPECIALLY in the lead-up to Christmas. To see all of the details on Christmas lights, activities, markets and more around Adelaide, click here.


Father Christmas outside the Central Market