25 Oct 2023

It's time to get ready for the 2023 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant!

The countdown is officially on for the Pageant which means it's time to get yourself organised.

Pageant Day is always a day full of fun, magic and joy, but it's important to get prepared so that you can enjoy the day. 

To make it nice and easy for you, we have put together a little checklist to help you prepare for pageant day. Make sure you check it twice!

The Day Before the Pageant

✔  Confirm who you are going with

Are you going with friends, family, or both? Will there be kids with you? Make sure you confirm who you're going to the Pageant with, and who you'll be responsible for. This will also guide how much space you need behind the Blue Honour Line and most importantly how many snacks to pack.

✔  Decide where you're going to sit

There's 3.5 kilometres of Pageant Route, so ideally you need to decide where you're going to base yourself ahead of time! This will make it easier to decide the best way to get into the city, where you'll park or what stop to get off if taking Public Transport.

Have a look at the Route Map to familiarise yourself with the pageant path – and then check out our guide to the Top Viewing Spots this will help you pick your perfect position. This is the one day of the year where your early risers are doing you a favour – take advantage and head off first thing in the morning, this way you have the best chance to snag a good spot.

Remember that traditionally, the Pageant Early Birds who arrive in the early hours of the morning (or even the night before) get the front row spots right at the Blue Honour Line, so we always say arriving early is your best bet for nabbing a good spot! We can't guarantee any spots or areas, so if you're interested in being an Early Bird we've got a Survival Guide for you!

✔  How are you getting to the Pageant?

There are lots of ways to get into the city for the Pageant, but it's important to have a plan so that you don't run late or get stressed out on Pageant Day! If you are planning on driving and parking, be aware that there are road closures throughout the city, which may restrict some routes and on-street parking options. 

You can park in a number of UParks around the city on Pageant Day, but be sure to check their websites for opening times and rates. You can also book online to reserve your spot!

Public Transport is a great way to avoid the traffic on the day! Routes and stops are changed to accommodate the Pageant though, so be sure to check the details to make sure you don't get caught out!

✔  Pack your Pageant bags!

It's important to have all the right gear with you for the Pageant so you don't have to run around or leave your position. We have put together a list of what to pack here -  it has everything you need to make your day stress free and fun.

  Plan your day!

Now's the time to set your alarm and negotiate who's going early to save the spot, if not your whole group! Traditionally many Pageant People begin to arrive from 6.00am, with the Pageant officially starting at 9.30am.

You should also arrange with your group a meeting spot and time for both before and after the Pageant, in case you get separated.

  Get Creative

Build the pre-pageant excitement with the kids and have fun creating some magical Christmas inspired signs to bring along to the Pageant.

  Follow us on Socials!

The best place to go for updates on the Pageant is The National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant social media channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We also post awesome behind-the-scenes excitement on Pageant Day so follow us on social media so you don't miss a thing. 

If you're posting on social media as well, make sure to tag us using the hashtag #nppageant so we can see all of your magical Pageant moments!

On Pageant Day

✔ Stay Safe

Safety is a priority and unfortunately kids can wander off or disappear from sight–  Before you leave the house we recommend taking a photo of any children you have with you as well as writing your phone number on their arm – the best way to find them is to have a photo of how they look on the day, as well as them having your phone number so you can be contacted right away.

As soon as you arrive, decide on a meeting point that everyone agrees to meet at if they get lost. We also recommend you introduce your child or children to the nearest police officers or security guards who will have lost child/vulnerable people wristbands on them for you to give to your child/vulnerable person. Please bring a permanent marker with you so you can write your contact details on the wristband.

Arrive in your position, set up your seating, and locate the nearest public toilets.

Once you've found your all important spot, remember that a Pageant Day tradition is to let all of the kids sit at the front behind the Blue Honour Line. We can all remember being a little one and finding it difficult to see past the crowds! If you're arriving super early, remember to wait for all of the road closures to take place before you set up!

It's also great to know where your closest toilets are. It’s a good idea to download ourRoute Map and take it with you – this shows all the toilet locations nearest to the Pageant Route, so you know where they are in case anyone needs to go at a flash!

Check out the exclusive Pageant merch!

We have some very exciting National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant merchandise that will be available to purchase along the route at National Pharmacies stalls. Pick up some new Christmas tree decorations or some Pageant Snap cards to keep the kids entertained!

Have some pre-Pageant fun!

Before the Pageant starts is one of the most exciting parts of the day! You can take photos, chat to your fellow Pageant people, and reminisce on all the Pageants you have enjoyed across it’s 91 year history. This is also the best time for the kids to have some fun drawing with their chalk on the Pageant Route, as once the Pageant starts everyone must remain behind the Blue Honour Line!


You're all organised, you've arrived, and now it’s the most magical time of all - the Pageant begins! During the Pageant, you should have lots of fun, high-five all of the clowns and characters, blow kisses and wave (save some BIG waves for Father Christmas) and enjoy this very special and joyous time.

While the Pageant is on, remember to stay behind the Blue Honour Line so that everyone stays safe. There are certain areas where you can cross the route, but look out for these and wait for a Pageant official to assist you.

Check out our Handy Hints for more tips to ensure your visit to the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is a breeze.

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