23 Jul 2019

Queen Sharon and King Wally announced as the 2019 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Royal Family

The 2019 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Royal Family was presented at a coronation under the Canopy at Rundle Mall at 10.30am 23 July, in a Christmas setting created especially for the regal occasion.

The three Princesses and three Princes were selected by their peers for the coveted roles and are now ready to shine on Pageant Day.

National Pharmacies employees Sharon Watson and Wally Delbello were bestowed the honour of being the inaugural National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Queen and King for this, the first year of the National Pharmacies’ sponsorship of the much-loved South Australian event.

National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Event Director, Brian Gilbertson, said the judging panel for the Royal Family was presented with a challenging task as the candidates presented by National Pharmacies were of such a high calibre.

“Each and every member of this year’s National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Royal Family are worthy of their titles. Community spirit, strong team values as well as Pageant passion are qualities we look for to fill these very important Pageant roles, and they all certainly exhibit these traits,” said Brian Gilbertson, Event Director.

Queen Sharon is absolutely delighted with her appointment and said she has always wanted such an opportunity.

“It is every child's dream to be part of this magical event, and many adults have this dream too, so I am proud, delighted and excited to be here as National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Queen,” she said.

King Wally mirrored Queen Sharon’s excitement and said it’s a great honour to be part of the magic on Pageant Day.

“I look forward to sharing the magic of folklore and Father Christmas at this special event, which means so much to the community,” he said.

Queen Sharon and King Wally will be joined by Royal Family members Christine Johnston, Ana Acic, Ian Truong and Nic Conway on the Royal Ball float in this year’s Pageant.

National Pharmacies Managing Director, Tony Wojciechowski, said the entire National Pharmacies team and their families are thrilled at the opportunity to take part in such an iconic Adelaide event.

“We are extremely proud to be the new flag-bearers of this unique South Australian event and with that comes all of the excitement of helping to bring the Pageant to life,” he said.

“Our first National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Royal Family is already doing us proud and we look forward to seeing them shine on Pageant Day.”

In addition to the King and Queen announcement, the official Pageant theme was also announced.

‘A World Full of Wonder’ invites us all to be mindful of the many wonderful things that are happening around us each and every day and that the Pageant is one example of the magic and wonder that happens in our communities when we all work together.

The Pageant gives South Australians the chance to dream, believe and experience the wonder of Christmas.

The 2019 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Royal Family will make their royal debut at official events close to pageant day.

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