Get to know King Scott

IT Service Delivery Manager at National Pharmacies

1. Which National Pharmacies store do you work at and what is your role?

I work at the National Support Office as the IT Service Delivery Manager. My team look after all the computers our stores use, so the staff can provide the high level of service our members are used to. 

2. What is your favourite thing about the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant and what are you most excited about?

My favourite thing about the Pageant is the build up to the day, getting the kids excited about going to see the floats, getting a good spot along the blue honour line, and getting into the Christmas spirit. I am most excited to see all the kids faces beaming as their favourite float goes past or when the clowns are having a great time making the kids laugh and smile. 

3. Why did you apply to be part of the royal family and what is the best part about joining the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant royal family?

I applied as I wanted to be part of an iconic South Australian tradition, I want to help spread the Christmas good cheer to all the Pageant goers and Christmas lovers. 

The best part for me so far was meeting the Junior royals, they are so excited to be in the pageant, they are going to be an amazing addition to the royal family. 

4. What is your go-to song when putting up the Christmas Tree?

Not a song, but the Michel Bublé Christmas album always goes on. If I had to choose a favourite song It would have to be, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

5. Do you have a favourite float in the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant? 

Yes, Father Christmas float, he brings so much joy to the kids when they see him! 

6. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

Having some cheese once all the Christmas celebrations are over. 

7. Would you rather go for a ride on Father Christmas’ sleigh or get a tour of his workshop?

I would rather go for a tour of his workshop, I want to see where the magic happens! Where all the elves work together to build the toys for the children. Where the reindeers are kept ready for their big adventure and see Mrs Clause for a nice hot chocolate.  

8. Would you rather spend a day watching Christmas movies or listening to Christmas music? 

I would rather spend the day listening to music, there are so many good Christmas songs, but I’ll stick the Michael Bublé Christmas album. 

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