Get to know Queen Anne

Pharmacist at National Pharmacies

1. Which National Pharmacies store do you work at and what is your role?

I work as a Pharmacist at the National Pharmacies Elizabeth store,  which is located inside the Elizabeth City Shopping Centre. 

2. What is your favourite thing about the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant and what are you most excited about?

My favourite thing about the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant would have to be seeing the colourful and wonderful Christmas Pageant floats. 

I am most excited about seeing the joy and excitement in the faces of all the children and adults that will be lining the streets of Adelaide and being part of the festive celebrations that the day brings. 

3. Why did you apply to be part of the royal family and what is the best part about joining the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant royal family?

As a South Australian, I grew up attending the Christmas Pageant as a young girl to also watching rewinds on the television. One of my dreams was to one day be involved in one, and now that I work for National Pharmacies, it is one point that I can tick off my bucket list! My parents were refugees that came to Australia in the 1980's not speaking the language, in a foreign place with nothing but literally the clothes on their backs to give their future children a better opportunity in life. This was their gift to me and now I want to thank the place that gave my parents, myself and my sister and brother a bright future and show to my children you can achieve and be anything you put your mind to. 

The best part about joining the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant royal family is being a positive role model to my fellow South Australian young and old. I am also looking forward to the excitement and joy that this magical day brings to all South Australians and being apart of such an iconic event. 

4. What is your go-to song when putting up the Christmas Tree?

My go-to song when putting up the Christmas Tree would have to be It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..... it puts everyone in my family into the festive mood

5. Do you have a favourite float in the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant? 

It is a tough question to pick just one float!! I'm going to be a bit cheeky and name two floats that are my favourite. My all time favourite as a little girl would have to be the Nipper and Nimble Floats. I was always in such awe at seeing the famous rocking horses go by and then get very excited to see them up close at the Magic Cave at John Martins.

Another favourite is Toby Toy Truck. One of my son’s name is Toby and every time he hears this float being mentioned or talks about it, his eyes light up and he gets very excited. Seeing this gives me such joy and love and so because of this reason, it has a special piece of my heart!!

6. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

My favourite Christmas tradition would have to be the epic water fight that happens on Christmas day at my parent’s place. With the household now full of children (they out number the adults now), after our bellies are full from my parent’s delicious food they have cooked, we have buckets full of water balloons and water guns and it is an alternative way to cool us all down with a water battle for the young and old. Everyone has so much fun and there is so much laughter, it's an amazing atmosphere. 

7. Would you rather go for a ride on Father Christmas’ sleigh or get a tour of his workshop?

I would love to go for a ride on Father Christmas’ sleigh. It would be an amazing opportunity to see the world from great heights and see how Father Christmas manages to get all the presents to all the children across the world!!

8. Would you rather spend a day watching Christmas movies or listening to Christmas music? 

I would love to spend a day watching Christmas movies surrounded by my husband and my four beautiful children!! One of my favourite Christmas movies would have to be Home Alone....I think it is entertaining to watch, especially for the kids, but also has a lovely message in it about the value of family and Christmas love. 

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